He's expert at working out the best way to backup all your important files, and he can recommend the best anti-virus software to keep you computer free of horrid bugs.

Facebook or LinkedIn, he can help organise your photo albums or sort out your back up to the cloud. PC and Mac guru.

Specialist in: social media.
​Saransh really enjoys sharing his computing knowledge, and after he's shown you how to get the most out of
Catherine Lister is not your usual boss of an IT company. Conceived before the Internet and working before the World Wide Web, Catherine was always more analogue than digital.

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020 8994 7773 or email: info@fingertipslondon.com

Specialist in: Windows 10; Oli's an engineering graduate and he's a dab
hand at upgrading your operating system as well

The Fingertips story

020 8994 7773


Specialist in: all things Apple.

Nick lives and breathes Apple products - if you need to connect your iPad to your TV, or untangle your

Specialist in: versatile across Macs and PCs.

Graeme is great at teaching customers the ins and outs of different operating systems 

At Your Fingertips Limited, Company number 8462989. Registered office: 38 Ennismore Avenue, London, W4 1SF
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as teaching you how to sync your calendars and emails across all your devices. He's pretty handy with a Mac too.
family's iCloud accounts, Nick has the answers.
He is also our audio specialist, writing and producing podcasts in his spare time.

Our Tipsters

So when she decided to sort out the chaos of the family photos, music, home movies and computer files the hardest thing was getting started.

What she found is that if you're not already on the technology ladder then it can seem like the first few rungs are missing. No-one seemed able to explain the basics. Computer companies wanted you to buy their latest products and IT consultants didn't think you'd be able to understand.

So as the Lister home started to get knocked into digital shape, the idea for Fingertips was formed: an IT department for the home. Catherine's employed a team of friendly, helpful experts whose mission is to show you how much fun and how easy today's technology can be.

Customer comments

Here's what some of our customers say about us:

"I cannot recommend Fingertips highly enough. They helped me untangle the complex iTunes mess I had somehow created across my laptop, iPhone, iPad and iPod. They were polite, professional and personable. I now have everything properly backed up - I'm both relieved and happy!

- Michelle, communications consultant, Chiswick

  "Just wanted to tell you that Graeme was great - exactly who I needed! We got everything done and more importantly - and this is what I love about your service - I understand how! Will definitely have him back...
 - Meredith, lecturer, Putney

"I just wanted to say Nick has been a star getting us all sorted. Its been a revelation!  

- Jo, Chiswick

"You are a complete star - thank you so much. If any of my friends want a website I shall tell them about Fingertips.

- Jane, Wiltshire

"Thank you Fingertips - you just saved my life. The brilliant Nick completely re-configured my router!

So delighted. 
- Esta, Hammersmith

"Amer was the best computer guy ever!
- Diane, Chiswick

Fingertips Terms & Conditions

In this Terms & Conditions document, references to "we", “our” and "us" all refer to Fingertips Ltd, company number 8462989, registered office 38 Ennismore Avenue, London, W4 1SF.

The following services are available from Fingertips Ltd

1. Home IT sessions:
We will provide our services to you with reasonable skill and care and we will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with those services you have requested. We cannot guarantee any specific results or achievement level from your use of our services, particularly as everyone learns at different rates. 
2. Photo scanning, slide and negative scanning:

We will take every reasonable care with your photos, negatives and slides when transporting and scanning them. Due to the nature of the work being carried out, there is a slight risk that your photographs or other media may be damaged during the digitising process. Fingertips accepts no liability for loss or damage to any items left in their care and any work carried out on the media is entirely at the customer’s own risk. 

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation or re-scheduling of any appointment must be advised to Fingertips by phone or email no less than 2 (two) hours before the appointment on the day of the appointment.  Fingertips reserves the right to invoice any customer where cancellation or re-scheduling occurs less than two hours prior to any appointment. For details of our charges for cancellations, re-scheduled or missed appointments please call us on 020 8994 7773.

Payment policy:

For the most up to date prices please call us on 020 8994 7773.
Home IT sessions: 
a) For a Tipster to visit your home we charge an hourly rate for the first hour and quarter hourly thereafter
b) You agree to pay us the applicable fee upon completion of the appointment by cheque, bank transfer or cash or by bank transfer or posting us a cheque within 30 days of the appointment date
c) You also agree to pay us for any goods that we provide to you and any charge for a cancellation, re-scheduled or missed appointment that you may be obliged to pay us in accordance with these terms of service.

Appointments and rates:

Fingertips office opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.30 – 18.00 and Saturday 8.30am - 12.30pm.  However, home appointments can be made outside of these times.

Home visit rates:

Any visit will be subject to a minimum charge of the cost for one hour. Our rates are £65 for the first hour (or part of an hour), then £16.25 for each quarter hour (or part quarter hour) thereafter. These prices may at times be subject to special promotional rates that will be advertised on the website or through other media.

Purchase of goods policy:
Fingertips may make recommendations to the Customer for hardware or software to be purchased in order for a service to be carried out. In general, Fingertips will request that the Customer makes this purchase themselves, in advance of the visit.
On occasion, the Customer may request that a product be provided by Fingertips and invoiced to the Customer. In such situations, we will use reasonable endeavours to repair or replace any goods you buy from us if they are faulty or damaged or if they become faulty within 28 days of purchase, however, we will not repair or replace them if you are responsible for the fault, without further payment. You must return any damaged or faulty goods to us (including all cables and software that may have been supplied with the goods) in the original packaging by sending them by special delivery to:

Fingertips Ltd, 38 Ennismore Avenue, London, W4 1SF
For the avoidance of doubt, Fingertips has no liability as to the suitability for the performance of the services, of any product manufactured, sold or supplied by any third party, whether or not that product has been recommended to the Customer by Fingertips. Any hardware, software or equipment provided to the Customer shall remain the property of Fingertips until full payment is received. 

Responsibility policy:

Fingertips Ltd will not be responsible for the following:
a) any loss calculated by reference to profits, income or business (or loss of such profits, income or business activity); 
b) any loss or corruption of data, including but not limited to any data stored by us via our Online Backup service;
c) any losses you may suffer arising from your use of (or failure to use) any anti-virus software. 
d) any inherent failures in or caused by the supported applications and operating 
systems or third party products supplied by you
e) the repair or replacement of any equipment that is faulty (as reasonably 
diagnosed by us during the provision of our service to you); 
f) any failure by you to follow our reasonable advice, recommendations or 
g) If either we, including without limitation any of our technicians, agents, contractors 
or third party service providers are impaired or stopped from providing the service by you for any reason whatsoever or are otherwise unable to provide a service to you as a result of any event that is outside our reasonable control; 
i) for any damage to your hardware or equipment
j) for any goods, services, information, software or other materials that you use or obtain when using your personal computer whether offline or online for accessing the internet (including e-mail). 
k) any problem(s) we may not remedy due to any matter beyond our control including but not limited to the age, specification or condition of the Customer's hardware or software, Customer's failure to provide appropriate software discs, drivers or product serial numbers or any fault with the Customer's Internet Service Provider.

Our total liability, whether in contract or for negligence or breach of statutory duty or otherwise, to you for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused shall be limited to and in no circumstances shall exceed £5,000 for any one incident or series of related incidents. 
We will use reasonable endeavours to keep any appointment you make with us for our Home IT support, but we cannot guarantee that the Tipster will arrive on time in each case. If a Tipster is delayed, he or she will try to contact you a reasonable time in advance to let you know of any expected delay. From time to time, factors outside our control may also require that we re-schedule an appointment. If we have to do this, we will try to re-schedule another appointment as soon as reasonably possible. We will not be responsible to you for any delay in keeping appointments or if we have to re-schedule an appointment due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. 
Sometimes we are unable to do what we have agreed due to something beyond our reasonable control. If this happens we do not accept responsibility for what has occurred.

Your responsibilities:

If you take any of our services, we will provide the service to you subject to the following conditions: 
a) You must have valid software licences for your operating system and all applications on your computer(s). 
b) You must supply details of the relevant licence keys if we ask you for them. 
c) You must make sure an adult is present. For any on-site services that we supply, a person of at least 18 years of age must be present the entire time that our technician is providing the services. If no adult is present, service may be denied and a cancellation fee may be charged.
d) You agree to follow our reasonable instructions, including any security instructions. This may include installing any equipment or software that we advise and following any other reasonable instructions that we may give you about the service we provide. 
d) You must give us access as follows: Home IT session - you must provide the Tipster with full access to the computer(s) and / or device(s) for which tuition is required and such access as is necessary to your residence. You agree to give your consent for us to do this and also agree to co-operate fully and provide us with a safe working environment, working space and electrical power. If we arrive at your premises and reasonably determine that you are unwilling or unable to provide the access, co-operation or safe working environment as described above, then service may be denied.

Disputes & complaints policy:

If you are in any way dissatisfied with the service provided by Fingertips, the Customer should immediately contact Fingertips on 020 8994 7773. We will make an appointment for a return visit and will endeavour to rectify the problem. If the reason for the dissatisfaction was due to a matter beyond the control of Fingertips, the Customer shall pay for the additional time incurred at Fingertips normal rates. If the issue was directly as a result of Fingertips previous attendance no further charge shall be made.

If you have a complaint or query regarding any aspect of Fingertips’ services, please call us on 020 8994 7773 or write to us at Fingertips Ltd, 38 Ennismore Avenue, London, W4 1SF. 
Please include your name, address, phone number and email address in any correspondence.