You also need to have a complete knowledge of:

  • setting up and managing iTunes, Spotify or Apple Music accounts, across multiple computers and devices;
  • moving, copying, organising, editing and enhancing photos and movies in applications such as Photos or Google Photos;
  • understanding how to set up a home computer network and home music systems.
  • linking computers and devices together around the house.

What separates a Tipster from a geek is your ability to share your skills and knowledge and help other people to pick up your skills. If you like being the person who knows more than anyone else, then

this probably isn't the job for you - a Tipster wants

to share what she or he knows with everyone else. 

We are currently recruiting computer experts to become Tipsters

At Your Fingertips Limited, Company number 8462989. Registered office: 38 Ennismore Avenue, London, W4 1SF
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Fingertips is a Chiswick-based lifestyle IT service, helping people to take control of today's technology and enjoy their photos, music, home movies and files. We show our customers how easy it is to get more out of their computers and devices and keep their digital world safe, organised and at their fingertips.

Our 'Tipsters' (consultants) teach customers how

to make the most of mainstream software, apps

and social media across all their devices, and to show them how to connect everything up. Our aim

is to build the confidence of our customers and transfer our technical knowledge to them. 

We are looking for bright, enthusiastic, friendly

and patient people who can show others how easy technology can be and give them confidence that they currently lack. 

The role:
We need Tipsters who are expert in using PCs,

Macs and other home tech devices, as well as being

fascinated by the world of technology and gadgets.

There are two key elements of the job:

Teaching: helping our customers get more out of their computers and devices, showing them how to use software, organise libraries of photos, movies and music and file documents and how to set up and use email accounts. This stuff will be second nature to you, so the skill is not in the knowing, it's in the teaching.

Home tech advisor: we spend time with our customers to understand what they are interested

in and how technology could work better for them.

We review our customers' ISP, router, computer,

OS, accessories, devices, TVs and HiFi and then

we help them connect things up, make new hardware purchases, install equipment, update software and create back-up systems.

Remuneration is based on the number of consultancies each Tipster takes on. Most consultancies are a couple of hours and you may need to work some evenings and Saturdays – the more consultancies you take on, the more you can earn.

We are looking for Tipsters who can advise our customers about things like how to connect up their devices, how to move an iTunes account from one computer to another and many other aspects of installing and using software and hardware. You will need to be fluent in all things computer-based - as happy firing-up a Macbook running on Lion as you are discussing the merits of the new Windows 10 upgrade. Or if you have an area of specialism that our customers need, please let us know.

Meet Our Attorneys

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The person:

You'll need to love technology and to know all there is to know about sorting out music, photos and movies on any computer or device, specialising in PC or Mac - or both ideally. Equally importantly, you need to be able to show other people how to do the same. So it’s fine if you’re a geek, but not fine if you can only speak geek – our Tipsters need to be able to show people who don’t understand this stuff how to do things that others take for granted.

We are looking for intelligent, dynamic and outgoing people who have a strong understanding of IT and technology. All our people will be patient, calm, enthusiastic and friendly. You will love finding out about technology and keeping up with developments and you will be confident talking about it. And as you will be working in our customers’ homes, you need

to be well-presented.

We are looking for people who are flexible to work when customers need them - we can schedule in your work at times when you are free.

020 8994 7773 - email: 

How to apply:

If you are interested in applying to become a Tipster, please send your CV and a covering letter, explaining why you would be great for the job,

to Catherine:

Or call for a chat: 
 020 8994 7773 

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