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Transfer your tapes, discs and memory cards to computer

​​​Make one library of all your videos and back it up

​Edit movies adding titles, music, voice-overs and effects

​​Share movies with friends on YouTube and Facebook

​​Watch your home movies on TVs, iPads and phones

Rescue lost music from old computers

Organise all your music into one place and back it up

Play music wirelessly from your computer or phone

Get the most out of iTunes, Sonos, Spotify

​Listen to all your music through your existing car audio


Enjoy your photos on any screen - TV, computer or phone

Organise them into one place and back them all up

Share photos with friends by email, Facebook and websites

Rescue photos from old computers, cameras, memory cards

Crop your shots and improve exposure, colour, sharpness

Music and photos at your fingertips

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Are your photos scattered across computers, CDs, memory cards and hard drives? 
Is your music all over the place, on iPods, tablets and CDs?
Have you got hours of unedited video footage from your smartphone? 
We can help you gather it all into one library and show you how easy it is to edit, sort and share your media.

Just £65 an hour

​​Organise your files into folders and remove duplicates​​

Access your files from any computer, anywhere​​

​Back up your files, photos, movies and music​​​

​Set up memorable, secure passwords and keep track of them​​​​Send large files that are too big for email

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