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Our industry-leading Kodak PS50 scanner

Convert your old tapes to digital files

Have you got a box of video tapes sitting somewhere? Whether they are VHS or video camera tapes, we can turn them into DVDs and computer files.
The advantage of 
computer files is that you can edit them, upload them to websites like YouTube and watch them on pretty much anything - computers, iPads, smartphones, modern TV sets and even some car stereos. Perhaps most important of all, they'll never become obsolete (according to our crystal ball).
£20 per tape

Every year our negatives and prints fade a little so now's the time to have them scanned
and to start re-living those 20th Century hair-dos.
Rescue your old photos and tapes

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Up to 100 scans
100-499 scans 
500 or over
Print scanning
20p per image
 15p per image
10p per image
30p per image
 25p per image
 20p per image
40p per image
 35p per image
 30p per image

Professional quality files from our negative scanner

Scanned at 1200dpi

Our state-of-the-art negative and slide scanner captures every last detail and colour in your best shots. For your favourite images, when you want to use them for something special like a poster or photo book, we recommend the highest quality of 6400dpi. The resolution is equivalent to a 12 megapixel digital photo, so you'll be able to enjoy them on today's ultra-high definition screens and blow them up to any size in your home.

95p per image

If you want smaller files, then we can scan at lower resolution (2400dpi) and, as this takes up less scanner time, the cost is only 50p per image.
There is a minimum order of 10 images for negative and slide scanning.

Retouching and repair . If your photos are damaged or flawed, we can make digital repairs. Call us for a quote.

020 8994 7773

We can convert audio cassettes to digital files too - call us for a quote.

If you have loose prints, our photo scanner can whizz through them, creating good quality digital files at the right size to post onFacebook, email to your friends and share on a phone or iPad. If that's all you need, we'll scan at 300dpi (that's 'dots per inch' - it gives a measure of the detail and clarity you should expect).

Scan your old prints

Help at the digital end
When we deliver your photos and movies back, we can help you import the new files onto your computer and organise them into folders and albums. And if you need a hand with sharing them on Facebook, making prints and photo books or editing movies, one of our Tipsters can show you how. We'll look after you and your memories every step of the way.

If you want to look at the images on a larger screen or you think you might make enlargements from the digital files, we can offer either 600dpi or 1200dpi, depending on the quality you want and how big you want the final pictures to be. As these take a bit longer, they cost a bit more, but you’ll notice the difference in picture quality. 

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