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Just £65 an hour

Are your music, photos, movies and files all over the place?

We'll help you build a single digital library that puts everything at your fingertips. ​You'll be able to orchestrate your music with iTunes, Spotify or Sonos.

And you won't believe how easy it is to retouch photos and edit home movies, adding captions and music.

We've all got decades of photos fading away in boxes under the bed. Fingertips can turn them into professional quality digital scans, preserving them for posterity and allowing you to share them with your family. We also transfer VHS cassettes, home movies, audio cassettes and vinyl.

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Connect up your home

Rescue your old photos and tapes

Whatever help you need with your Apple or PC, our team of Tipsters is knowledgeable, patient and friendly. If something's broken we can often fix it, but, if it's time for something new, then we can advise you what to buy without breaking the bank.

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Fingertips is a team of digital handymen:

an IT department for your home.

We'll help you fix your computer, connect up your home

and sort out all your music, photos, videos and files

From beginners lessons on your computer to streaming movies from your own cloud, our Tipsters can show

you how easy and how much fun

today's technology can be.

Once everything is organised, you can stream your photos, music and movies to TVs and speakers using wi-fi.

Lastly and most importantly, you need a back-up: we'll make sure it's secure.

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Sort out your photos, music  movies and files